Hunger Games: Review

“May the odds be ever in your favor”

The Hunger Games is the first of three novels by Suzanne Collins. The story is set in a future where the Capitol (the government) selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, to remind the 99% to stay in line. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers to take her younger sister’s place for this years tournament. Its Gladiator meets The Truman Show with a bit of teen romance.

I have read the books and enjoyed them deeply and I went to the very packed midnight premiere, so I was a fan going into the movie. However it doesn’t matter if you are a die-hard fan of the books or never heard of it before you will be entertained because the film stands on its own. Director Gary Ross does a terrific job in capturing the tone of the story, and did a good job with taking what was needed from the book without upsetting fans. The up-in-coming young cast did shine, Jennifer Lawrence (X-Man: First Class, Winter’s Bone) did an extremely well as the straight arrow shooter Katniss with getting the audience of the games in the film rooting for her as well as the audience in the theatre was. With strong performance from Josh Hutcherson (The Kids Are Alright) who plays Peeta the other tribute from district 12. Also, in the cast is Woody Harrelson who played a perfect drunken Haymitch who mentors the two and a real sincere performance by Lenny Kravitz as the caring Cinna.

Ross does a pretty good job with showing teens killing teens and still having a PG 13 rating. It is more violent then most movies with this rating. Some of the action seemed to be shaky and zoomed in so at times it was hard to make out what was happening. The special effects were pretty good and did help give the future look along with the outrageous fashion. I did like how in the film it showed the command center in where they control everything that happens in the games, which was only implied in the book. Great action, great emotion, and is a movie that’s worth a watch. This IS going to be the next big book to movie saga with Harry Potter over and Twilight on its way out. But the Hunger Games doesn’t share too much else with those other novels and Katniss is a very likable female protagonist in which everyone is cheering for.

I give this film a 4 out 5


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